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Comprehensive Content

Our online DJ education is an all-encompassing training program. Dive deep into modules that cover everything from music basics to masterful playlist programming to handling entire events with confidence. Equip your DJs with industry-leading knowledge on commanding a crowd, wireless mics, dance floor lighting, beat-mixing, wedding formalities, and so much more.

“No matter what type of learner you are, this program is for you. It is visual, auditory, and hands-on. This helped my team tremendously, because everyone learns a different way, and the Blueprint covers them all!”
Jason Henninger

Training Tools

Implement our online content with a premium suite of tools, exclusively tailored for you and your company. Harness the power of individualized training plans, real-time progress monitoring, and efficient student tracking. Save time with self-grading quizzes, customizable sequencing, engaging virtual assignments, and more. Elevate your training process using our developed system

“What I really like about the Blueprint is that it allows us to automate as much of the training process as possible and make sure that every single one of our entertainers go through the exact same process.
Chris Hintz
Pinnacle Productions

Growth Coaching

Online DJ training is for your DJs; As a company owner, you’re investing in a transformative journey that kicks off with a tailored training plan, maintained with momentum calls, and enriched by weekly webinars. You’ll learn management best practices, engage in insightful Q&A sessions, and build invaluable connections with a community of like-minded industry leaders. Let us be your partner in success!

“I can’t believe how much the Blueprint has changed my business!”
Mitch Taylor
Taylored Weddings

Multi-Op Founders!

Unlock the full potential of your multi-op DJ company with our specialized online DJ training. As a founder, imagine reclaiming control over your calendar, choosing your work hours, and witnessing a surge in your revenue and profit. But that’s not all. This training empowers your DJ team to become stalwarts in the industry, amplifying your company’s presence and earning unparalleled respect in the market. Dive into a world where seamless training aligns with business growth, and your influence in the DJ sphere reaches its peak.”

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