About Us

Founder David Osborne is a lot like you.
After 10 years of rocking parties as a solo act, he started a multi-op journey. In 2020, David created his first version of a virtual training program for his own company in Athens, GA after Covid halted events.
In 2021, industry friends saw the organized, sequential program, and saw the results David experienced from it and asked if they could “get a copy”….and the Blueprint was born.
Today, dozens of multi-ops have successfully standardized and scaled their teams using the Blueprint. Hundreds of DJs have been educated from our platform through those multi-ops and the number is growing every day.
We’re now building a robust library of master level content that extract the genius from our favorite icons in the industry. We’ll do the heavy lifting to organize, produce, package, and deliver right to your device.
Thank You for trusting us. We can’t wait to celebrate your successes with you.

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