Future Courses

23. Facades & Furniture

DJ furniture, booths, facades

24. Ableton Edits

Time edits, remix and mashup creation.

25. Live Musicians & Digital Audio

Integrating live talent into your events

26. Sending Sound

Delay, fill, zone speakers. Wireless solutions

27. Ambient Effects

Cold sparks, Cryo, Astera tubes, Confetti

28. Mitzvah MC/DJ

Event overview, what to do, what to say, how to be successful

29. Outdoor Support

Generators, Weather, Wind, Sand, and more

What Our Students Have to Say

The blueprint is visionary, well crafted, and exactly what the modern DJ brand needs to be on the top of their game.
Josh Staley
From Columbus, Ohio
David is a wealth of information and a fantastic teacher! His Blueprint is a curated deep dive into mastering so many aspects of the private event entertainment space.
Justin Reid
From Greenville, SC
If you are wanting to fast-track the training for yourself or your team, this is it! No matter what type of learner you are, this program is for you. It is visual, auditory and hands-on. This helped my team tremendously, because everyone learns a different way, and the Blueprint covers them all!
Jason Henninger
From Lexington, KY
Had a great experience learning how to beatmix. The blueprint mixing videos created a simple step by step process to teach a complicated skill that helped me take dance parties to another level!
Chris Anani
From Athens, GA