General Manager of LeForce Event Group, Ed Petty

Hey there, DJs and event entertainment entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to scale your business, dominate your market, and gain the respect you deserve, then buckle up because today’s blog post is a goldmine of wisdom.

The Humble Beginnings

Ed Petty’s journey into the DJ world started in the most unexpected of places—a family-owned skating rink. At 17, Ed began spinning tracks at the rink, not knowing that this side gig would eventually lead him to a thriving career. His story is a testament to how passion, combined with opportunity, can lead to extraordinary success.

From the Navy to Weddings

After some time in the Navy, where he continued to dabble in entertainment, Ed was asked to DJ a friend’s wedding in 1999. Despite using his home stereo system and two five-disc CD changers, the event was a hit, sparking requests for business cards and the realization that he could turn his passion into a profitable venture.

Building La Force

Ed’s path crossed with Glenn Rousch, his childhood friend, and the mastermind behind LeForce Event Group. Over lunch, Glenn pitched the idea of LeForce, named after his wife’s maiden name. Since then, the company has grown into a powerhouse with multiple entities under its umbrella, including LeForce Entertainment and Simply DJ.

Mastering Management

One of the unique aspects of Ed’s role is that he’s not the typical owner or CEO; he’s the general manager. His experience in commercial refrigeration and the Navy honed his skills in managing people, inventory, and operations. These skills translated perfectly into managing a large-scale event company.

The Yin and Yang of Leadership

A successful multi-op requires a blend of vision and execution. Glenn is the visionary with a knack for numbers and innovative ideas, while Ed is the integrator, ensuring those ideas come to life. This dynamic duo demonstrates the importance of having complementary skills in business.

Adapting and Innovating

Ed emphasizes the importance of looking ahead and being adaptable. Whether it’s forecasting equipment needs or managing staff, he is always planning for the future. His proactive approach has helped LeForce stay ahead of the curve, even winning awards against companies specializing solely in lighting and production.

The Art of Delegation

One of Ed’s key strategies is effective delegation. From running payroll to handling HR, Ed has learned to delegate tasks to trusted team members. This not only empowers his team but also ensures that the company runs smoothly.

Leveraging Technology

Ed’s involvement with the Blueprint program highlights his commitment to leveraging technology for business growth. By integrating Blueprint into both the DJ and production sides of LeForce, Ed has streamlined operations and enhanced training for new employees.

Final Thoughts

For those of you juggling multiple roles, Ed’s story is a reminder that success comes from knowing your strengths and finding partners who complement your weaknesses. Whether you’re a solo operator or managing a team, the key is to keep learning, adapting, and growing.



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This post aims to inspire and inform fellow DJs and entertainment business owners about the journey and strategies of a successful industry leader. Remember, the key to growth is continuous learning and adapting. Happy reading and here’s to your success!