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On-the-job learning can be tough as a DJ. And trial & error has no place at someone's once-in-a-lifetime event. The last thing you want is...

❌ An Empty Dance Floor

Every DJ has been there. You switch to a new track and the dance floor clears. You've been hired to set the mood, and the mood is on life support.
Do you have the tools to recover?

❌ Malfunctioning Tech

DJs rely on their gear to deliver a killer performance. This same tech can also kill a performance. You can't afford to have your equipment go down, especially during an event's important moments.

❌ Freezing Up on the Mic

Being a DJ is more than just playing music. Reading and responding to your audience is all part of the gig. If you lack confidence on the mic, your client may as well plug in their favorite playlist.

You can deliver a flawless set.
With on-demand courses and coaching,
The Blueprint can get you there.

Fast track your skills and take your DJ game to the next level.

✅ Master the Mic

From event pacing to being an MC, we'll walk you through a variety of scenarios so you'll know what to do, what to say, and how to engage with your audience. You'll perfect your presentation so that your next time on the mic is flawless.

✅ Perfect Your Tech

Lights, software, speaker selections and more, you'll become equipped to handle the biggest tech challenges that come your way. You'll also learn the right questions to ask in advance so you'll be ready to plug in as soon as you arrive.

✅ Mold the Music

The music is your medium, and we'll teach you how to mold it to maximize each set with lessons on mixing, fading, depth and more. Learn what works, what doesn't, and how to add your own spin so that your dance floor is never empty.

✅ Build Your Confidence

Being on stage, in front an audience is a big deal. Learn best practices from industry pros who can help you confidently take charge and deliver an awesome event, every time

✅ Do What You Love

"Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life." Of course you need to make money while you're doing it, and we'll give you the tools to do just that

You deserve access to the right skills to make you a confident, sought-after, and badass DJ.

The Blueprint's DJ Courses & Coaching

When you’re walking into an event, the last thing you need is more theory. 

✅ You need practical hands-on experience that will make you feel confident and ready to deliver. 

The Blueprint’s 127 on-demand lessons are designed for immediate application and each lesson is less than 10 minutes



This package is designed for solo DJs who are ready to up their game. 



If you run a DJ company and want to make The Blueprint content available to your entire team, this package is for you. 

Starting at $169/mo for 5 seats

Five Star Reviews are in Your Future

Your Blueprint For Success

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Engage with the Courses

Our expanding library of under-10-minute, easy-to-digest courses will teach you both the theoretical and practical skills you need to be a better DJ. 

Apply Your Skills

Complete with practical exercises, The Blueprint's courses are designed to put your new skills in action. 

Our Clients Think We Rock

"If you are wanting to fast-track the training for yourself or your team, this is it! No matter what type of learner you are, this program is for you. It is visual, auditory, and hands-on. This helped my team tremendously, because everyone learns a different way, and the Blueprint covers them all!"
Jason Henninger
Kentucky Pro DJ
"The Blueprint is visionary, well crafted, and exactly what the modern DJ brand needs to be on top of their game"
Josh Staley
Josh Staley Productions
"Whether you're training new team members or building a curriculum of continued education for your veterans, David and The Blueprint's content is one-of-a-kind, they keep things organized, super easy to understand, and most importantly...it's FUN!"
Matt Radicelli
Rock the House

It's Time to Turn Up the Volume

A lot of incredible DJs have spent decades perfecting their craft through trial, error and a bit of luck. After putting in so much time and energy, most aren't super eager or even able to share their secrets. But The Blueprint is different. We're Master DJs who built the product to deliver the training you need. As a master DJ, I know how it feels to be anxious about your next event. I've experienced all of the hiccups with haywire tech, dead dance floors, mediocre performances, and unhappy clients.
This is why we founded The Blueprint. We saw a gap in the market for DJ skills training that was not only applicable but also accessible. Through carefully designed and curated courses, The Blueprint is a resource that helps you avoid many of the common pitfalls of the profession. This program will shave years off your DJ training so that you can confidently crush your next event. If you're ready to turn up the volume on your DJ career, The BluePrint can help get you there.

Nothing is more incredible than the feeling of being a DJ when everything goes to plan.
That exhilaration where you feel like a million bucks?
The Blueprint is here to make sure you experience that million dollar feeling at every gig