Online Event DJ Training

Online Event DJ Training for you & your team


On your own, it takes YEARS to learn all the skills and knowledge to become a highly sought after event DJ. 

Enroll yourself (or your whole team) in our industry-leading training program and fast track your success, make more money, and create raving fans. 

As low as $35/mo

DJs trained in the past 12 months

Those who train the best, become the best

What is the blueprint?

Will it work for you?


Who is this for?


🎧 Solo, independent DJs that want to benefit from a formal training program. 

🎧 Multi-op DJ companies that want to train new and existing DJs faster and more effectively than ever before.

What can I expect?

Expertly curated and sequenced Instructional videos, quizzes, and assignments that will get you to rockstar status in months, not years. 

More than just music! Lighting, support, audio, event intelligence, and more!


Course Details


How do I access the courses?

For solo DJs

  1. Sign into your account 
  2. Select your desired course and click on the first lesson

For multi-op DJs:

  1. Sign into your Blueprint Teams account (ex: 
  2. Start the first course your team leader has set for you

How do I sign up?

The Blueprint (for solo learners) and Blueprint Teams have a subscription access model. 

Sign up for the plan that fits your needs. Click here for plans and pricing

Cancel anytime

Can I download courses?

Our lesson content is accessible with an active subscription only.

We often make updates to the videos and want to make sure our info is as relevant as possible. 

What courses do you offer?

  1. Event DJ Foundations
  2. Event Assistant
  3. Observer Basics 
  4. Beatmixing Bootcamp 
  5. Event Lighting
  6. SoundSwitch Tutorial

Check out short overview videos of each course here

How do I use the Blueprint with my team?

You’ll sign up for a Blueprint Teams plan. 

This gives your company a standalone website ( where your learners can login with their own unique credentials. 

As they consume content, take quizzes, and upload assignments, you’ll be able to track their progress!

The Blueprint Courses

✅ Event DJ Foundations

Learn DJ performance skills like: making announcements, reading a crowd, controlling music, playlist creation, exciting your audience, being a valuable vendor, and how to strategically approach an event.
Also, learn tech skills like: cables, speakers, mics, lighting, and support.

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✅ The Event Assistant

If you’re not training to become a DJ, learn only the the technical side of events in this course. Master cables, connections, speaker placement, wired and wireless mics, lighting fundamentals, electricity, carts, straps, gain structure, and more!
Support a performing DJ!

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✅ Observation Basics

On-demand lessons will provide you with the ability to master techniques on your own, at home. For DJs training to join an existing team, you should supplement your course learning with on-site observations of successful DJs. Learn how to be “in the room where it happens”

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✅ Beatmixing Bootcamp

It’s no secret that crowds adore DJs that have real mixing skills.
We’ve partnered with Direct Music Service to bring you an industry leading mega course that will teach you everything you need to light up a dance floor. From scrub to club. 🔥

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✅ Event Lighting

Learn the theory and application of uplighting, Wired and wireless DMX control, mounting fixtures to truss and poles using clamps, and the ins and outs of moving head fixtures. This course is designed to be consumed after “Event DJ Foundations” or “The Event Assistant”

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✅ SoundSwitch Tutorial

Are you ready for incredible light shows without the need for a separate lighting tech? This 10 lesson course will teach you everything you need to know to get started and be successful with the SoundSwitch lighting software. This course is meant to be consumed after “Event Lighting”

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You deserve access to the right skills to make you a confident, sought-after, and badass DJ.

Blueprint Plans

All plans include access to all course content

Blueprint Solo

For solo DJs

  • All Blueprint Course Content
  • Optional exercises to reinforce learning
  • Access to our online community

Sign up for solo

Course content will be available immediately

Blueprint Teams

For multi-ops

  • All Blueprint Course Content
  • Auto-Graded Quizzes
  • Exercises to Reinforce Learning
  • Access To Our Online Community
  • Unlimited Student Seats
  • Student Management
  • Detailed Student Reporting
  • Real Time Student Activity Monitoring
  • Assignment upload portal
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Dedicated Standalone Site
  • Unique URL
  • Onboarding / Setup Zoom Call
  • Account Hibernation

Sign up for Teams

Allow for 2 business days for teams site setup
Best Value

Blueprint Teams+

We train your team for you

  • Everything from Blueprint Teams plan
  • We train your team for you
  • Brand customization
  • Customized Team Training Plan
  • Up to 4-hours/month concierge services
  • Assignments graded by our team
  • Weekly student report emailed to you
  • 1:1 Multi-op mastermind coaching call
  • Expanded Server Storage

Sign up for Teams+

Custom concierge setup tailored to your team

Teams and Teams+ FAQ

Which Teams plan is right for me?

Choose Teams if:

You want to train your team of DJs. You will manage your own students’ learning, set their deadlines, grade their assignments, and communicate with them as they progress. 

Choose Teams+ if:

You want US to train your team of DJs. We’ll have a series of setup calls to learn your goals, resources, and timeline. Then we’ll build a custom training plan and will implement it for you. We’ll grade assignments, contact students who aren’t staying active and will send them helpful feedback. We’ll also send you weekly progress report spreadsheets so you can stay “in the know”. We’ll follow that up with a 1:1 multi-op strategy coaching call once per month to help maximize results. This option is great if you need that extra layer of support. 

Can I customize the existing courses?

Teams and Teams+ subscribers CAN!

To keep our platform as user-friendly as possible, all customizations are available as hourly concierge services. 

We can: 

  • Add/remove/alter images
  • Add/remove/alter text 
  • Replace/adjust logos
  • Toggle assignment settings 
  • Change course and lesson order

Purchase concierge credits in one-hour increments 

Can I add my own courses/lessons?

Teams and Teams+ subscribers CAN!

To keep our platform as user-friendly as possible, all creation is available as hourly concierge services. 


  • Provide us finished (and hosted) instructional video content, quizzes, exercises, and assignments.


  • Create the course on the back end and apply it to your account 
  • Keep your content private (only your team can access the content) 

Purchase concierge credits in one-hour increments 

Can I commission the Blueprint to create a custom course?

Teams and Teams+ Subscribers CAN!

We can develop, write, film, edit, and produce an entire lesson or course at your request 

Purchase concierge credits in one-hour increments 

Can I get multi-op coaching?


Teams and Teams+ subscribers can purchase 60-minute strategy sessions to discuss: 

  • Recruiting
  • Training 
  • Mentoring
  • Team Development
  • Pay structure 
  • Equipment systems
  • DJ Event Planner hacks
  • And more

Purchase concierge credits in one-hour increments 

What do I do when I’m done training my team?

We believe that those who train best, become the best. Continuous training allows your team to handle anything and everything that comes at them. 

That being said, you may need to change your subscription when you won’t be training for a few months (we get it) Here are your two option

Account Hibernation

Your full account, complete with student progress, quiz results, and assignments will sit dormant on our server. You won’t have access but it will all be preserved like Han Solo in carbonite. Your subscription cost will be only 10% of your normal rate (ex: Teams is $250/mo, but during hibernation it is $25/mo)

You’ll be able to enable hibernation mode month-to-month from your account settings. 

Account Cancellation

You can opt to cancel your account outright. Your full account will be erased from our server at the end of your contract term. If you choose to return at your next training season, we will have to set up your account as if it were brand new. You’ll lose all student progress and reports from before the cancellation. 

They’re getting results. You will too!

📣 Chris Hintz

Pinnacle Productions

📣 Justin Reid

Uptown Entertainment

“If you are wanting to fast-track the training for yourself or your team, this is it! No matter what type of learner you are, this program is for you. It is visual, auditory, and hands-on. This helped my team tremendously, because everyone learns a different way, and the Blueprint covers them all!”

Jason Henninger
Kentucky Pro DJ
“The Blueprint is visionary, well crafted, and exactly what the modern DJ brand needs to be on top of their game”

Josh Staley
Josh Staley Productions
“Whether you’re training new team members or building a curriculum of continued education for your veterans, David and The Blueprint’s content is one-of-a-kind, they keep things organized, super easy to understand, and most importantly…it’s FUN!”

Matt Radicelli
Rock the House