ADJ Standard Kit [ADJ]

Chapter Timestamps: 

0:05 Table/Linen + Power

0:49 Controller 

1:38 Mic + Mixer

4:07 Laptop + Hardware 

5:34 Set Levels

6:55 Speakers

7:53 Sound Check 

8:35 Light Bar 

8:58 Gaff Tape + Facade 



(suggested that you download to your phone for your work session) 

  1. Set up the full kit including: 

    1. Table/Linen

    2. Controller/Mic/Mixer/Laptop

    3. Speakers

    4. Dance light

    5. Taped cables + Facade 

**Take a photo of the entire set up from the front showing all elements. Label it “ADJ_front” and upload


**Take a photo of all the equipment on the table (controller, laptop, mixer) Label it “ADJ_table” and upload


**Record a video of yourself speaking on the microphone WITH A SMILE AND EXCITEMENT and playing music. Label “GoDJthatsmyDJ” and upload 😉