Start Here To Build Your Skills

Event DJ Foundations

Take your DJing career to the next level with “Event DJ Foundations,” a comprehensive course taught by a 15-year veteran DJ who has performed at over 1500 events. Master the technical and business skills you need to build a profitable brand, with exclusive resources to help you put your newfound skills into practice right away.

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Move On To Next-Level Techniques

Beatmixing Bootcamp

Transform your DJing skills and become a beatmixing pro with this cutting-edge course! With comprehensive lessons on controller extension, beatmixing basics, remix readiness, and mix & mash techniques, plus exclusive instructional videos, downloadable practice tracks, and access to advanced methods not found on YouTube, this is the ultimate investment for any aspiring DJ looking to unleash their full potential and take their career to new heights.

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Event Lighting

Unleash your inner lighting artist and learn to create mesmerizing atmospheres using uplighting theory, DMX control, moving heads, haze effects, and more. Master the use of truss systems, clamps, and safety cables to create jaw-dropping light-scapes and transform any event into an unforgettable experience. Enroll now and set the stage for success!

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Karaoke Kickstart

Get ready to level up your karaoke performance! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this course will help you stand out in your market. Chad Blackburn teaches you all the essential technical skills and social processes to generate a high-energy karaoke show. Take these skills to your local bars, restaurants, and private events to make over $100k/yr in mid-week money!

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Achieve Elite Level Performance

Curating a Vibe

Learn to curate the perfect vibe for ANY event type: Weddings – Clubs – Luxury – Cocktail Parties – Proms – College Events – Mitzvahs – Industry – Fashion. Drew Pierce teaches both theory and application for crushing your set every time. In depth instruction on library management, song tagging, crate building, smart crates, and advanced hacks.

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Scratch Toolkit

Step by Step Scratch education for DJs. This course focuses on helping you add spice and swagger to your sets and events. If you’re looking to become a scratch-battle champion, this is not for you. You’re going to learn from Boston’s favorite DJ, SNAX. He will take you through all his most essential scratches. SNAX pulls back the curtain and delivers practice drills, application videos, hacks and shortcuts to help you save time and become a legend in your market.

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SoundSwitch Tutorial

Join our exciting online course and learn everything you need to get started and be successful with SoundSwitch! With a hands-on approach and insider tips, you’ll learn how to use cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to create stunning visual experiences that leave your audience awestruck.

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Build a Powerful Team

Blueprint Teams

Blueprint Teams is the ultimate solution for successful DJs looking to expand their team and skyrocket their revenue. Say goodbye to inconsistent results and embrace a proven system that not only trains your DJs to be consistently capable but also scales your team while saving you money.

Our incredible monthly plan offers access to your own standalone training site for your company, complete with any courses you purchase, such as the Event DJ Foundations.

As the owner, enjoy complete transparency into your team’s progress, quiz results, and performance assignments. Hibernate your account when not in use and add your own content using our concierge service.

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Multi-Op Mastermind 1+2

RECORDING FROM: 1/31 + 2/7 (6 hours of content)

Matt Radicelli, Glenn Roush, Mary Nisi, Nate Nelson, Josh Staley, David Osborne

Multi-Op Mastermind 3

RECORDING FROM: 5/24/23 (3 hours of content)

Check out our exclusive discussion on pricing + packages with JSG, Kristin Hubbard, and Chris Hintz