Putting Out Fires in your Multi-Op

Why a General Manager Could Be Your Game Changer

I understand that most of you are wearing multiple hats—CEO, manager, performer, and technician all in one. You might think a full-time general manager is a distant dream. But having someone like that at the helm can be a reality that transforms your business. A General Manager role, is akin to a firefighter, constantly putting out fires and ensuring the show goes on without a hitch. The job changes daily, requiring flexibility and quick thinking to meet and exceed client expectations.

Common Fires in a Multi-Op Business

  1. Staffing Issues: Unexpected absences due to illness or emergencies can leave you scrambling for replacements.
  2. Negative Reviews: Whether legitimate or spam, dealing with bad reviews is crucial to maintaining your reputation.
  3. Billing Errors: Mistakes in invoicing can cause friction and require immediate resolution.
  4. Supply Chain Problems: Running out of essential supplies like photo booth media or cold spark powder can halt operations.
  5. Employee Conflicts: Ensuring team harmony and addressing performance issues promptly is key to a smooth operation.
  6. Cashflow Shortages: Keeping a close eye on finances to meet payroll and operational expenses is essential.
  7. Emergency Expenses: Unexpected costs, such as vehicle breakdowns, can strain your budget.
  8. Automated Message Errors: Miscommunications due to automated system glitches need quick fixes.
  9. Sales and Delivery Miscommunications: Ensuring the sales team communicates client needs accurately to the delivery team prevents service gaps.

A Framework for Faster Firefighting

To tackle these issues efficiently, adopt the ABCDE framework:

  • Assess the Situation: Gather all necessary information and understand the impact.
  • Break Down the Problem: Identify the root cause and urgency.
  • Consider Solutions: Brainstorm multiple options before deciding.
  • Decide on a Course of Action: Choose the best solution and assign responsibilities.
  • Execute and Evaluate: Implement the solution, monitor progress, and review the outcome.

Preventing Fires Before They Start

Preventing issues is better than constantly putting out fires. Here are five strategies to make your business more fireproof:

  1. Proactive Planning: Anticipate needs and have strategic plans in place.
  2. Regular Checkpoints: Use production meetings and KPIs to monitor progress.
  3. Systematized Training: Continually train and refresh your team’s skills.
  4. Efficient Processes: Streamline operations to reduce friction.
  5. Robust Systems: Use technology to seamlessly manage information and communication

Empower Your Business with Healthy Systems

Healthy systems and processes are the foundation of a resilient business. Regular meetings, effective communication, and proper tracking ensure you stay ahead of potential issues. As you work on these aspects, you’ll find yourself spending less time firefighting and more time growing your business.

For more resources to help you on this journey, visit blueprintlearn.com/resources. We’ve got checklists, training courses, and more to support your growth.

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