How to grow your business with relationships

Harnessing the Power of Industry Conferences:

Industry conferences (like Midwest DJs Live, Marquee, MEX, DJX, etc..) are more than just a collection of presentations and workshops; they are hotbeds of opportunity. The relationships formed in the corridors, at lunch tables, or at impromptu meetups can become the cornerstone of your business growth. These events offer a platform to connect with peers, share experiences, and forge partnerships that can lead to collaborative opportunities and shared gigs.

Deepening Connections Beyond Business:

It’s essential to cultivate relationships that go beyond mere professional transactions. The connections that endure are often those grounded in shared personal interests, mutual respect, and genuine support. For example, understanding someone’s challenges with balancing business and family can foster a deeper connection that paves the way for trust and long-term collaboration.

Expanding Your Network Locally and Beyond:

While online platforms like LinkedIn and specialized Facebook groups are invaluable for maintaining connections, local face-to-face networking remains irreplaceable. Engage in local business groups, such as NACE and WIPA, which, while not DJ-specific, can connect you to a broader community of event professionals. These interactions often lead to direct business opportunities or valuable referrals.

From Part-Time to Full-Time: Real-World Success Stories:

Toryn’s transformation from a part-time DJ to running a full-scale entertainment company underscores the impact of effective networking. By consistently showing up, engaging authentically, and contributing to his network, he was able to leave his corporate job and thrive in the competitive entertainment industry.

Actionable Steps to Enhance Your Networking Skills:

  1. Attend and Participate Actively in Conferences: Don’t just be a passive attendee; engage, ask questions, and follow up with the people you meet.
  2. Join Local Business and Event Associations: Even if they aren’t DJ-specific, they provide a platform to meet potential clients and collaborators.
  3. Leverage Social Media Wisely: Use platforms relevant to your market to maintain visibility and engage with both clients and peers.
  4. Create and Share Valuable Content: Position yourself as a thought leader by sharing insights, tips, and experiences that benefit others in your industry.
  5. Follow Up and Follow Through: After meeting new contacts, reach out with a personalized message or invitation to connect further. This shows professionalism and genuine interest.

“The Art of Networking” Course

Four-Part Framework for Networking Success

Long-Term Relationship Building:

Remember, the key to successful networking is viewing relationships not as transactional, but as mutually beneficial partnerships. Focus on how you can add value to your connections, whether through providing services, sharing knowledge, or offering support.

As DJs and event entertainers, our strength lies in our ability to create memorable experiences—not just for our clients, but for our peers within the industry. By investing in relationships and actively participating in the community, we not only enhance our business prospects but also contribute to the vibrancy and resilience of our industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, embracing these strategies will set you on a path to greater success and fulfillment in the dynamic world of event entertainment. Let’s make every connection count!