3-Steps to Accelerate Your Event DJ Company Growth

🗓️ December 14th | ⏰ 1:00 PM (EST)

Here is What You’ll Learn

✅ Get a Framework for Success

For accelerating the growth of your event DJ company. Finally discover what it REALLY takes to standardize and scale

✅ How to Recruit Rockstar DJs for Your Team

Get actionable instruction for creating ads that appeal to your future workforce. Included is a sample that you can start using immediately.

✅ How to get CONSISTENT Results

An advanced, hyper-effective checklist that will allow you measure the skills of your DJs, get them aligned, and rocking shows every time!

✅ How to Make $100k+ more

Get insight and inspiration for increasing income and maximizing profit in order to take control of your calendar and your business.

About David Osborne

David Osborne is a leader in the Event DJ Industry who helps Multi-Op Founders standardize and scale their team. With experience running two successful companies in Athens, GA, David is highly qualified to help you reach your goals.

David Osborne is the host of the Million Dollar Multi-Op podcast, delivering education, inspiration, and entertainment to motivated entrepreneurs around the globe. He has given keynote presentations on Building a Rockstar Team at Midwest DJs Live, The Marquee DJ Show, DJX, Mobile Entertainment Expo, the DJ Think Tank, and NAC.

David holds a degree in music education from the University of Georgia and is involved with the Music Business program.