Benefits and Features

Are You Ready to Grow Your Team of DJs?

Step-By-Step Instruction

Impactful instructional videos are paired with self-grading quizzes and workshop assignments to build awareness, knowledge, and skill

Easy-To-Use Site

Students and Instructors log into a custom private training site built for your team. Learning environment is built to be distraction-free

Expert-Level Coaching

As your students learn DJ skills, you will learn to implement the training more efficiently. 1:1 and group mentoring included.

Action & Accountability

Our monthly goal-setting calls will keep you on track. Build relationships with other Multi-Op founders in our online community.

Essential Knowledge + Skills

Chances are you learned how to DJ from trial-an-error, YouTube, and maybe a mentor. It took you years to get where you are. You don’t have years to train your next DJ. We’ve created a training program that sequentially delivers concepts, knowledge, and skills to both new DJs and existing DJs that want to make sure they have a strong foundation

Proven Results

The Blueprint framework has been implemented successfully by dozens of Multi-Ops around the country. Each brand and market is unique, and so are the challenges for recruiting talent, training, and retaining. Learn from their experience to build your own rockstar team.

Master Courses

We’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring your team expert-level instruction. All of the content has been carefully developed and sequenced to make sure it has maximum impact and value. The Blueprint has quickly become the standard for education in the event DJ space.

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