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Common Questions

Can I check this out before subscribing?

Of course! We understand that our platform has incredible value. Dozens of multi-ops are scaling their teams using our systems and training resources. If you’re anything like us you care a lot and want your investment to get results.
We offer a free demo to get an inside-look into the grow and elevate training sites. Choose a time to get your questions answered and start your roadmap for success!

How is this different than the DJs Vault?

Blueprint Teams is a proven system that successfully helps you train your DJs to standardize and scale your team. It’s a specialized tool that multi-op owners can use to save time and frustration while generating a consistent workforce and more income
Alongside our industry-leading course content, we offer 1:1 growth coaching for multi-op owners, and a strategy for success.

Which Plan Is Right For Me?

The GROW plan is best if your goals include making sure all your existing DJs share the same benchmark knowledge and skills, filling gaps in ability and common terms. It’s also designed to help you quickly train a new hire to be event ready in as little as 12 weeks.
The ELEVATE plan is best if your team already has a strong and consistent foundation. You’ll be able to raise your whole team up to a new level, unlocking higher rates in your market. This plan also serves teams that have spent time with the GROW plan and are looking for advanced level training.
MAGNIFY is for you if you’re ready to take your company to the stratosphere. Here you’ll have a mastermind-like experience with regular coaching and insider access to advanced system and course building

How Many DJs Can I Train?

All our plans GROW, ELEVATE, and MAGNIFY plans include unlimited seats. This helps you develop a growth-mindset culture on your team.

What Is Kickoff Coaching?

We want to help you to make money using our program! Our founder, David Osborne, helps you implement the program with your students through worksheets, a kickoff call, custom training plan, training tools, regular check-ins, and weekly webinar lessons/ Q&A

What Is Hibernation?

There may be months or seasons that you won’t be using your blueprint teams account. Simply request a hibernation and your monthly subscription will drop to 10% of the normal rate. While hibernated we’ll keep your data safe and warm on the server, ready for your return!

How Long Does It Take To Train A DJ?

That’s a loaded question! It’s kind of like asking “when’s a good time to run a 5k?” It really depends on your brand expectations, your skills as a manager, and the quality of the student. If you follow our recruitment, hiring, and onboarding suggestions, you can have a working DJ that you trust in as little as 12 weeks.
We understand that some of you reading this have very very high quality brands and 12 weeks scares you! That’s why we have custom training plans that you’ll develop with David, momentum check-in calls, and webinars to transform your company.

What’s In the Event DJ Foundations Course?

77 high-impact lessons, all under 10 minutes. They are split into 15 easy-to-digest modules. Check out more information here
Course content is professionally produced, expertly crafted, includes self-grading quizzes and assignments, and helps your team master skills and concepts

What Are The Intermediate & Advanced Courses?

Beatmixing Bootcamp (4 modules to from beginner to advanced)
Scratch Toolkit (SNAX teaches essential scratches for event DJs)
Event Lighting (Uplighting, DMX, Truss, Clamps, Movers)
Karaoke Kickstart (Chad Blackburn Teaches High Energy Karaoke)
Curating a Vibe (Drew Pierce Teaches Advanced Crate Management)
Master MC (Rob Ferre Teaches His Mastery)
Art of Networking (Toryn Lankford Teaches essential skills for boosting your connections)

Can I Add My Own Content?

Yes! For the ELEVATE and MAGNIFY plans, Our team can guide you on the best format to deliver your complete video content to us. We’ll package it up and create your custom courses on your own unique private training site

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