Blueprint Teams [GROW]

$499.00 / month

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Blueprint Teams is the ultimate solution for successful DJs looking to expand their team and skyrocket their revenue. Say goodbye to inconsistent results and embrace a proven system that not only trains your DJs to be consistently capable but also scales your team while saving you money.

Our incredible monthly plan offers access to your own standalone training site for your company and the Event DJ Foundations course

As the owner, you’ll gain full visibility into

  • your students’ progress
  • quiz results
  • performance assignments

ensuring everyone stays on track. During slower months, utilize the “Hibernation Feature” to reduce your monthly payment by 90% while maintaining access to your training site.Take advantage of our concierge services to add your own courses, lessons, customizations, and other content, tailoring the platform to your specific needs. Plus, enjoy a personalized onboarding Zoom call with our team to ensure a smooth start.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create a powerhouse DJ team that will elevate your business and secure your place as a leader in the industry. Invest in Blueprint Teams today and watch your empire grow!

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