The Art of Networking


Toryn Lankford teaches his framework for networking success

Toryn’s 4-Part Networking Framework

What You’ll Learn

Mindset for Networking

Types of Networking Events

Strategies and Tools to Prepare for Events

How to start a conversation in a busy room

How to easily share what you do

Techniques to remember names

Questions to ask to deepen conversation

Techniques to build out your contact list

Welcome to “The Art of Networking,” a transformative course designed for event professionals, DJs, and anyone eager to master the dynamics of professional networking. Through this course, participants will learn not just to navigate but to excel in the art of making meaningful professional connections. Whether you’re an extrovert who enjoys social settings or someone who finds networking events daunting, this course provides the knowledge, strategies, and confidence you need to thrive.

Course Overview

“The Art of Networking” offers an in-depth exploration into effectively establishing and nurturing valuable professional relationships. It’s structured to demystify the networking process, providing you with a robust framework to approach networking events with confidence, engage in enriching conversations, and integrate new connections into your professional network.

Learning Objectives

  1. Mindset for Networking: Understand the essential mindset for leveraging networking events, emphasizing networking as a mutually beneficial art form.
  2. Understanding Networking Events: Gain insights into the anatomy of networking events, including types of events like mixers, educational sessions, and galas. Learn how to select and prepare for events that align with your professional goals.
  3. Preparation is Key: Discover how to prepare for networking events, including researching attendees, selecting attire that aligns with your brand, and bringing materials to facilitate follow-ups.
  4. Initiating Conversations: Overcome the initial awkwardness of starting conversations with strangers. Learn techniques for scanning the room, choosing whom to approach, and initiating dialogue with confidence.
  5. Meaningful Interactions: Learn the art of engaging in conversations that go beyond superficial exchanges. This includes how to introduce yourself compellingly, remember names, ask insightful questions, and find common interests.
  6. Integration into Your Network: Explore best practices for incorporating new contacts into your professional network. Learn the importance of follow-up, keeping records, sending thank-you messages, and scheduling one-on-one meetings to cultivate relationships.

Why Attend Networking Events?

Networking events are a vital platform for growth, visibility, and unlocking opportunities. They enable you to connect with peers, share ideas, and potentially meet future business partners or friends. “The Art of Networking” course highlights the significance of being remembered for the right reasons, ensuring that your professional network expands in both size and quality.

The Four-Part Framework for Networking Success

The course is broken down into detailed lessons, each focusing on a crucial aspect of networking:

  • Invest: Understand the types of networking events and how to prepare for them effectively.
  • Initiate: Master the art of starting conversations, making the first move, and breaking the ice with ease.
  • Interact: Dive into engaging in enriching conversations, making your interactions memorable and meaningful.
  • Integrate: Learn the crucial steps for incorporating new contacts into your network, including the follow-up process, record-keeping, expressing gratitude, and cultivating these relationships through one-on-one interactions.

Transform Your Networking Approach

Whether you aim to enhance your business, expand your personal brand, or become a more skilled social navigator, “The Art of Networking” equips you with the strategies, tools, and confidence needed to excel in any professional social setting. Embark on this transformative journey with us and unlock the full potential of your networking capabilities.