Learn How to Beatmix


Seamless Transitions & Fundamental Beat-Matching Techniques

Included Beatmix Lessons:

What is Beatmixing?

Phrase Mixing

Low EQ Knob

Filter Knob

Echo Out + BPM Cycle

We’ve Partnered with DMS

Youtube mixing videos always fall short because they use tracks you don’t have (and probably don’t want) We’ve partnered with Direct Music Service to provide you with the tracks used in the instructional videos and the performance routines. 

Master the Art of Beatmixing! 🎧

Hey there, future superstar! If you’ve ever been to a banging party or witnessed a lit club scene, you know the magic a seamless transition can bring. Imagine holding that power in your fingertips. Awesome, right? But how do DJs make those flawless transitions that get everyone grooving non-stop? The secret lies in mastering the art of beatmixing.

What’s Inside “Learn How to Beatmix”? Get ready for a deep dive into the world of beatmixing, curated especially for someone like you – someone eager to learn, innovate, and absolutely bring down the house!

  • Beatmatching Basics: This is the holy grail, the very core of the DJ world. Discover how to sync two tracks effortlessly, making your mixes sound professional and smooth. After this lesson, off-beat transitions will be a thing of the past!
  • Phrase Mixing: Timing is everything, right? Dive deep into understanding the structure of a track and how to perfectly line up your mixes to keep the dance floor alive and kicking!
  • Low EQ Knob: Ever wondered how DJs switch tracks without jarring clashes? The Low EQ knob is your new best friend. We’ll teach you how to maneuver it, ensuring your bass transitions are always on point.
  • Filter Knob: Add that extra flair to your transitions! The Filter Knob lesson will let you in on creating those dramatic, tension-building moments before dropping a sick beat.
  • Echo Out: This isn’t just a lesson; it’s a secret weapon. Create ambient, spacious transitions with the echo out effect, ensuring you leave a lasting impression.

Look, I’ve been where you are, navigating through countless tutorials, trying to piece together the puzzle of perfect beatmixing. It’s not just about hitting play on the next track; it’s about creating a musical journey. “Learn How to Beatmix” is your roadmap.

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Suggested Prerequisite Courses