Learn how to add Scratching to your sets


Step by Step Scratch education for DJs. This course focuses on helping you add spice and swagger to your sets and events. If you’re looking to become a scratch-battle champion, this is not for you. You’re going to learn from Boston’s favorite DJ, SNAX. He will take you through all his most essential scratches. SNAX pulls back the curtain and delivers practice drills, application videos, hacks and shortcuts to help you save time and become a legend in your market.

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SNAX teaches his most essential scratches for event DJs

Included “Scratch Toolkit” Lessons:

Scratching Foundations

Setup + Settings

Baby Scratch

Push, Drag, Release

Stab Scratch

Chirp Scratch

Transformer Scratch

Crab Scratch

Beat Juggling

Scratching in Sets

Scratch Toolkit with SNAX: Elevate Your Event DJ Skills

Looking to turn the party up a notch? Want to truly wow your crowd and stand out in the saturated DJ market? Dive deep into the Scratch Toolkit, a revolutionary course led by Boston’s own DJ SNAX. Renowned for throwing electrifying club parties and sought-after for exclusive private events and weddings, SNAX is on a mission to redefine the scratch education landscape.

While most scratch courses focus heavily on complex and technical battle techniques, SNAX understands that the real world of event DJing requires a different touch. Not every audience appreciates or understands the intricacies of highly specialized scratches. But everyone, from wedding guests to clubbers, recognizes and gets hyped up by a well-executed essential scratch that adds flavor to the track.

In this course, SNAX will take you through his handpicked set of scratches that guarantee crowd reactions every single time. Starting with the foundational ‘baby’ scratch, progressing to the rhythm-heavy ‘push/drag/release’, moving on to the sharp ‘stab’, the quick ‘chirp’, the electrifying ‘transformer’, and the rapid-fire ‘crab’ – SNAX ensures that by the end of the course, these techniques will be second nature to you. And to bring it all together, he’ll guide you through the art of beat juggling, a skill that not only complements scratching but also sharpens your hand coordination and speed.

But this isn’t just another tutorial – it’s a comprehensive toolkit. SNAX brings his years of experience to the table, ensuring you don’t just learn the techniques but also understand how to read the crowd, when to deploy each scratch, and how to seamlessly incorporate them into your sets, ensuring your audience remains engaged and entranced.

Whether you’re just starting out in the DJing world or looking to elevate your event DJ game, the Scratch Toolkit is an investment in your craft and career. With SNAX’s guidance, you’ll not only learn the essential scratches but also discover the secrets to setting your sets apart, making you the most sought-after DJ in town.

Secure your spot now and transform your DJ journey with the very best scratch education tailor-made for event DJs. Get ready to scratch, juggle, and elevate your DJing prowess to new heights.

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